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1.  A web-based screening and accrual strategy for a cancer prevention clinical trial in healthy smokers 
Contemporary clinical trials  2012;33(5):942-948.
Screening and recruitment of qualified subjects for clinical trials is an essential component of translational research, and it can be quite challenging if the most efficient recruitment method is not utilized. In this report, we describe a successful web-based screening and accrual method used in a randomized prospective chemoprevention clinical trial with urinary biomarker endpoints. The targeted study population was a group of at-risk healthy current smokers with no evidence of lung disease. Craigslist was used as the sole recruitment modality for this study. All interested subjects were directed to a pre-screening website, in which subject questionnaire responses were linked to the study coordinator's secure e-mail account. Of the 429 initial inquiries, 189 individuals were initially eligible based on the questionnaire response. One hundred twenty-two people were telephone-screened, of whom 98 subjects were consented, 84 were randomized and 77 subjects completed the study successfully. Utilizing this single web-based advertising strategy, accrual for the trial was completed 7 months prior to the projected date. Craigslist is a cost effective and efficient web-based resource that can be utilized in accruing subjects to some chemoprevention trials.
PMCID: PMC3460548  PMID: 22771576
Clinical trial; Accrual; Recruitment; Advertising; Craigslist; Internet
2.  Lung Cancer Screening: Promise and Pitfalls 
Seminars in oncology nursing  2008;24(1):9-15.
To provide an overview of the status of lung cancer screening.
Published articles, book chapters, websites, and research studies on lung cancer screening.
Screening with chest x-ray and sputum cytology has not been shown to be effective in reducing lung cancer mortality. Although screening with helical CT is currently under investigation in randomized clinical trials, observational studies have not shown evidence that it can detect lung cancer that is curable.
As healthcare educators and caregivers, nurses should be informed of the status and current controversies associated with lung cancer screening.
PMCID: PMC2266834  PMID: 18222147
lung cancer screening; helical CT; low-dose CT; spiral CT; cancer screening clinical trials

Results 1-2 (2)