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1.  Hahn-Steinthal fracture: a case report 
Cases Journal  2008;1:239.
Isolated fracture of the capitellum is rare. We present clinical and radiological data on a single case of a fracture of capitellum. We came across a 31 year old woman who sustained an isolated Hahn Steinthal type of fracture. It was treated operatively by open reduction and internal fixation using mini fragment screws. The elbow was immobilized for 4 weeks. The patient regained full range of movement at 12 weeks post operatively. We reiterate that anatomical reduction and fixation is the right way to treat this injury.
PMCID: PMC2575205  PMID: 18922156
2.  Giant cell tumour in the diaphysis of radius – a report 
Cases Journal  2008;1:106.
We present a case of a 35 yrs old female who presented with swelling over her forearm. This is a rare case of a giant cell tumour in a nonepiphyseal region.
Case report and presentation of clinical, radiological and histological data on single case of giant cell tumour of diaphysis of radius.
Although age, clinical features and radiological features are helpful, it is still the histology that helps to clinch the diagnosis.
A thorough literature search and an exhaustive online search using various search engines revealed seven reported cases of giant cell tumours in the diaphysis of long bones. We reiterate the fact that irrespective of the location, a giant cell tumour should be diagnosed based on its histology.
PMCID: PMC2531174  PMID: 18710556

Results 1-2 (2)