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author:("creplin, C M")
1.  The effect of intrauterine inoculation with Ureaplasma diversum on bovine fertility. 
To determine the influence of Ureaplasma diversum on bovine fertility 11 uninfected virgin heifers with normal ovarian cyclic activity were randomly allocated to test or control groups. At a synchronized estrus, five test heifers were given an intrauterine broth inoculum containing 1.09 x 10(8) to 1.4 x 10(9) colony forming units of U. diversum and six control animals were infused with sterile ureaplasma broth medium. All animals were artificially inseminated within one hour of infusion. Pregnancy was diagnosed in one of five test heifers and all of six controls by serum progesterone concentrations measured to 25 days postinsemination. The difference in pregnancy rates between the two groups was statistically significant (p = 0.0152). It was concluded that under the conditions of this experiment U. diversum is capable of causing infertility in cattle.
PMCID: PMC1255361  PMID: 3453263
2.  Malignant Melanoma Involving the Aorta in a Dog 
The Canadian Veterinary Journal  1983;24(5):148-149.
A four year old female Siberian husky presented with shifting hind limb lameness was euthanized and found to have disseminated malignant melanoma without oral, cutaneous or ocular involvement. The largest and possibly primary mass involved the aorta and sublumbar muscles and occluded as well as penetrated the aorta. Numerous smaller tumors were present in skeletal and soft tissues of both hind limbs, suggesting hematogenous spread from the aortic lesion.
PMCID: PMC1790321  PMID: 17422256

Results 1-2 (2)