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1.  Effect of Nalidixic Acid on Semiconservative Replication and Repair Synthesis After Ultraviolet Irradiation in Escherichia coli 
Journal of Bacteriology  1971;105(3):908-912.
Both semiconservative deoxyribonucleic acid replication and “extensive repair” synthesis, after ultraviolet irradiation, appear to be blocked by nalidixic acid. These findings suggest that the agent(s) responsible for both of these modes of replication, or some necessary common process or structure, is affected by this drug.
PMCID: PMC248517  PMID: 4926687
2.  Relation of the Segregative Origin of Chromosome Replication to the Origin of Replication After Amino Acid Starvation 
Journal of Bacteriology  1969;98(2):536-542.
Cultures of Escherichia coli 15T− and K-12 were labeled with 3H-thymine before, during, and after amino acid starvation. The number of labeled segregating units was measured by autoradiography of microcolonies derived from the labeled cells. In both strains, labels inserted before starvation and during starvation appeared to segregate as if incorporated into the same polynucleotide strands. However, labels inserted during and after starvation segregated as if incorporated into different polynucleotide strands. In view of previous data, it was concluded that replication after amino acid starvation originates from the region of the chromosome which serves as the origin for replication during normal growth and division.
PMCID: PMC284850  PMID: 4891256

Results 1-2 (2)