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1.  Heart Rate Variability and Atria Function in Children at Late Follow-Up Evaluation After Atrioventricular Node Slow-Pathway Radiofrequency Ablation 
Pediatric Cardiology  2011;32(6):792-800.
This study was designed to assess the changes in the conductive system, autonomic dysfunction, and global and regional function of the atria and ventricles in children late after slow-pathway radiofrequency ablation (RFA). The study enrolled 22 children, who has successfully undergone RFA 2 to 5 years previously (RFA group) and 20 healthy children (control group). Electrophysiologic study was performed for the RFA group. Holter monitoring and echocardiography were performed for all the children. At a late follow-up assessment, the RFA children were free of paroxysms, whereas 8 of the 22 children (36%) reported transient palpitations. Both mean and maximal heart rates (HR) were significantly increased, whereas indices of HR variability (% of succesive normal sinus RR intervals exceeding 50 ms [pNN50], root mean square of the succesive normal sinus RR interval difference [rMSSD], high-frequency component [HFC]) were significantly decreased in the RFA group compared with preablation and control data. Left atrial (LA) and right atrial (RA) volumes were significantly higher, and atria deformation indices were significantly lower in the RFA group. Correlations were found between the mean HR and the volumes of LA (r = 0.477; p < 0.001) and RA (r = 0.512; p < 0.001). A negative correlation between the maximal LA volume and the longitudinal strain rate (SR) during relaxation (r = –0.476; p = 0.03) and a positive correlation between the minimal LA volume and both longitudinal SR (r = 0.361; p = 0.03) and strain (ε) (r = 0.375; p = 0.024) during contraction were shown. These data suggest a possible link between atrial dysfunction and the hyperadrenergic state after RFA.
PMCID: PMC3139060  PMID: 21479908
Children; Echocardiography; Heart rate; Radiofrequency ablation; Speckle tracking

Results 1-1 (1)