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1.  Baseline Measure of Alcohol Based Skin Preparation Agents Prior to 2011 NQF Recommendation in a General Surgery Population 
The National Quality Forum (2011) recommends the use of alcohol based skin preparation agents prior to surgery to help prevent infections. This multi-hospital study (n=3,794) evaluates its use in a general surgery patient population prior to the NQF recommendation. Forty-seven percent of cases received an alcohol based skin preparation agent.
PMCID: PMC4088263  PMID: 24113608
skin preparation agents; Surgical Site Infections; Operating Room (OR) contextual factors
2.  Differences in Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture between Charge and Noncharge Nurses: Implications for Effectiveness Outcomes Research 
Nursing Research and Practice  2012;2012:847626.
The implementation of evidence-based practice guidelines can be influenced by nurses' perceptions of the organizational safety culture. Shift-by-shift management of each nursing unit is designated to a subset of staff nurses (charge nurses), whom are often recruited as champions for change. The findings indicate that compared to charge nurses, noncharge nurses were more positive about overall perceptions of safety (P = .05) and teamwork (P < .05). Among charge nurses, significant differences were observed based on the number of years' experience in charge: perception of teamwork within units [F(3, 365) = 3.52, P < .01]; overall perceptions of safety, [F(3, 365) = 4.20, P < .05]; safety grade for work area [F(3, 360) = 2.61, P < .05]; number of events reported within the last month [F(3, 362) = 3.49, P < .05]. These findings provide important insights to organizational contextual factors that may impact effectiveness outcomes research in the future.
PMCID: PMC3324150  PMID: 22548163

Results 1-2 (2)