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author:("smirnov, E.V.")
1.  Protein Tyrosine Kinase Panel As a Tool for Anticancer Drug Design 
Acta Naturae  2009;1(3):84-88.
The discovery of the pharmaceutical potential of small molecule inhibitors of oncogenic protein tyrosine kinases is one of the directions in target therapy in oncology. Presently, investigations aiming at developing new therapeutically important inhibitors have to be based on a combination of computational and experimental approaches including biochitalicical, cell-based or in silico screening and the study of the three-dimensional structure of the kinase active center, in complex with an inhibitor, using crystallography and X-ray analysis or molecular modeling. This work is an example of a combination of inhibitor experimental search with the computational analysis of the potential mechanism of the inhibitors' action, which allowed to propose the 2-hydroxyphenol group as a scaffold for the design of new tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
PMCID: PMC3347529  PMID: 22649618

Results 1-1 (1)