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author:("saman, H. A.")
1.  Complete agenesis of the lung. 
Postgraduate Medical Journal  1970;46(539):578-581.
PMCID: PMC2466769  PMID: 5487764
2.  An intragastric cardiac pacemaker 
Thorax  1973;28(1):113-114.
This paper describes a functioning cardiac pacemaker which was found to be inside the stomach, although originally placed within the rectus sheath.
PMCID: PMC470000  PMID: 4685206
3.  Surgery of ventricular septal defect and pulmonary vascular resistance 
Thorax  1970;25(6):665-668.
In a series of 65 patients operated upon for ventricular septal defects (VSD), no mortality was attributed to pre-operative raised pulmonary vascular resistance. Eight patients with a severe degree of pulmonary vascular resistance made a full recovery after surgical closure of the ventricular septal defect. Three patients were cyanotic at the time of operation. Mortality in the series was the result of inadequate perfusion during operation, haemorrhage, cardiac tamponade, mediastinal infection, complete heart block or the development of post-operative aortic incompetence. Raised pulmonary vascular resistance and clinical evidence of a dominant left-to-right shunt in the absence of serious intracardiac anatomical complications does not contraindicate surgery for the repair of VSD.
PMCID: PMC472208  PMID: 5494676
4.  Acute tricuspid valve obstruction following the use of tricuspid ball valve prosthesis 
Thorax  1970;25(3):334-338.
A case is presented in which the mitral and tricuspid valves were replaced by a ball-valve prosthesis. The patient was admitted as an emergency 18 months later with the clinical picture of acute venous inflow obstruction to the heart due to tricuspid ball-valve prosthesis obstruction. Successful replacement under emergency open heart surgery, using assisted circulation, is described.
PMCID: PMC472717  PMID: 5452288

Results 1-4 (4)