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1.  A second monoclinic polymorph of 2-(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)-2-hy­droxy­imino-N′-[1-(pyridin-2-yl)ethyl­idene]acetohydrazide 
The title compound, C14H16N6O2, is a second monoclinic polymorph of 2-[1-(3,5-dimeth­yl)pyrazol­yl]-2-hy­droxy­imino-N′-[1-(2-pyrid­yl)ethyl­idene] acetohydrazide, with two crystallographically independent mol­ecules per asymmetric unit. The non-planar mol­ecules are chemically equal having similar geometric parameters. The previously reported polymorph [Plutenko et al. (2012 ▶). Acta Cryst. E68, o3281] was described in space group Cc (Z = 4). The oxime group and the O atom of the amide group are anti with respect to the C—C bond. In the crystal, mol­ecules are connected by N—H⋯N hydrogen bonds into zigzag chains extending along the b axis.
PMCID: PMC3648291  PMID: 23723911
2.  2-(3,5-Dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)-2-hy­droxy­imino-N′-[1-(pyridin-2-yl)ethyl­idene]acetohydrazide 
In the title compound, C14H16N6O2, the dihedral angles formed by the mean plane of the acetohydrazide group [maximum deviation 0.0629 (12) Å] with the pyrazole and pyridine rings are 81.62 (6) and 38.38 (4)° respectively. In the crystal, mol­ecules are connected by N—H⋯O and O—H⋯N hydrogen bonds into supra­molecular chains extending parallel to the c-axis direction.
PMCID: PMC3588977  PMID: 23476213
3.  N′-(2-Hy­droxy­benzyl­idene)-2-(hy­droxy­imino)­propano­hydrazide 
The mol­ecule of the title compound, C10H11N3O3, adopts an all-trans conformation and is approxomately planar, the largest deviation from the least-squares plane through all non-H atoms being 0.261 (1) Å. An intra­molecular O—H⋯N hydrogen bond occurs. In the crystal, the mol­ecules are packed into layers lying parallel to the ab plane by π-stacking inter­actions between the benzene ring of one molecule and the C—N bond of the oxime group of another molecule; the shortest inter­molecular C⋯C separation within the layer is 3.412 (1) Å. The layers are connected by O—H⋯O and N—H⋯O hydrogen bonds.
PMCID: PMC3238939  PMID: 22199788

Results 1-3 (3)