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1.  Topical Phenytoin Application in Grade I and II Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Prospective Study 
Background: India is fast becoming world diabetes capital. Diabetic foot infections are major problems among innumerable complications associated with diabetes.
Material and Methods: A randomized control study was conducted to evaluate the effect of topical phenytoin on healing in diabetic foot ulcers. One hundred patients with grade I/ II diabetic foot ulcers were randomly divided into two equal groups. Patients subjected to topical phenytoin dressing were classified under study and those who underwent normal salinewound dressings were classified as control. Both the groups were compared in terms of discharge, slough, wound area reduction and duration of hospital stay.
Results: Discharge and slough from wound reduced significantly by day 14 in phenytoin group and within 21 days in control group. Mean duration of hospital stay in phenytoin group was 20 days, whereas in control group, it was 26 days. This difference was statistically significant (p value <0.005,df 1).
Conclusion: Hence, Phenytoin proved to be useful as a topical agent in promoting healing and in controlling infections in diabetic foot ulcers.
PMCID: PMC3843440  PMID: 24298485
Topical Phenytoin; Wound healing; Diabetic foot ulcers
2.  Pica — a case of acuphagia or hyalophagia? 
The Indian Journal of Surgery  2008;70(3):144-146.
Pica is an eating disorder typically defined as the persistent eating of nonnutritive substances for a period of at least 1 month at an age in which this behavior is developmentally inappropriate. Acuphagia being consumption of sharp objects and Hyalophagia consumption of glass materials. Majority of the foreign bodies ingested into the gastrointestinal tract pass through the rectum asymptomatically, where as objects which are sharp, long, jagged may not be able to pass through. These types of objects may cause complications like impaction, leading to intestinal obstruction, ulceration, perforation and bleeding, thus need surgical exploration. In this case of young female with impacted bunch of bangles in the stomach and few in the small and large bowel, who was completely asymptomatic, needed gastrotomy with enterotomy for complete and successful retrieval of glass bangles.
PMCID: PMC3452446  PMID: 23133044
Pica; Acuphagia; Hyalophagia
3.  Giant chondrosarcoma of shoulder girdle 
PMCID: PMC3452584  PMID: 23132987

Results 1-3 (3)