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1.  Fragment Maps of φX-174 Replicative DNA Produced by Restriction Enzymes from Haemophilus aphirophilus and Haemophilus influenzae H-I 
Journal of Virology  1974;14(5):1142-1151.
φX-174 replicative form (RF) DNA was cleaved by restriction enzymes from Haemophilus aphirophilus (Hap) and H. influenzae (H-I strain Osaka) (HinH). Five fragments were produced by Hap and eight by HinH. The positions of all of the Hap fragments and six of the HinH fragments were mapped on the genome by heteroduplex transfection and DNA-DNA hybridization methods. In addition, fragment sizes of φX-174 RF DNA and S13 RF DNA by Hap and HinH were compared. Considerable differences of the size of the fragments produced from these closely related phage genomes were observed.
PMCID: PMC355631  PMID: 4610178
2.  Isolation of ΦX174 Specific Messenger Ribonucleic Acids In Vivo and Identification of Their 5′ Terminal Nucleotides 
Journal of Virology  1972;9(2):207-215.
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) hybridization in formamide at low temperature was applied to hybridization of ΦX174 replicative form DNA and in vivo ΦX174 specific messenger RNA (mRNA) with some modification. We found that ΦX174 mRNA up to molecular weight 1.2 × 106 could be hybridized to and eluted from DNA without apparent breakage of phosphodiester bonds and the 5′ terminal guanosine triphosphate and adenosine triphosphate of the RNA. By alkali hydrolysis of the purified in vivo ΦX174 mRNA and subsequent thin-layer chromatography of the digest, we isolated the 5′ terminal nucleotides and identified them as 2′- or 3′-monophosphate guanosine 5′-triphosphate (pppGp) and 2′- or 3′-monophosphate adenosine 5′-triphosphate (pppAp). By comparing the in vitro and in vivo synthesized ΦX174 mRNA, a difference in the pppAp-pppGp ratio was observed. In the in vitro RNA, this ratio was 1.5, whereas in the in vivo RNA it was 5.5.
PMCID: PMC356284  PMID: 4552415

Results 1-2 (2)