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author:("Harb, zvad")
1.  Trigger finger presenting secondary to leiomyoma: a case report 
We present a previously undescribed entity: trigger finger secondary to a leiomyoma. This is the first time such a case has been reported and highlights the fact that common conditions can sometimes present secondary to rare diseases.
Case presentation
A 39-year-old Caucasian man presented with a fairly typical presentation of trigger finger. During surgical treatment, the lesion was excised and sent for histology, which showed tissue consistent with a leiomyoma. The patient made an uneventful recovery.
Trigger finger is a common condition that is usually easily diagnosed and managed. However, it is important to appreciate that uncommon conditions, such as leiomyoma, can present with what is sometimes considered trivial disease, and one should always consider the differential diagnoses even when faced with relatively benign conditions.
PMCID: PMC2726529  PMID: 19830163
2.  Bilateral Congenital Absence of Internal Iliac Arteries, Prominent Lumbar Arteries, and a Ruptured Mycotic Aneurysm of the Abdominal Aorta 
A 46-year-old man was admitted for surgery on a ruptured mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm. Emergency repair was performed, during which certain anomalies were noted. First, the bifurcation of the aorta was posterior to the left common iliac vein. Second there were no internal iliac arteries. Also, there were prominent lumbar arteries compensating for the absent internal iliac arteries bilaterally. This, we consider, is the first reported case of congenitally absent bilateral internal iliac arteries.
PMCID: PMC1964626  PMID: 16834843
Bilateral congenital absence of internal iliac arteries

Results 1-2 (2)