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1.  Epidural bleeding after ACL reconstruction under regional anaesthesia: a case report 
Cases Journal  2009;2:6732.
Epidural bleeding as a complication of catheterization or epidural catheter removal is often associated with perioperative thromboprophylaxis especially in adult reconstructive surgery.
Case presentation
We report on a case of a 19 years old male athlete that underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, receiving low molecular weight heparin for thromboprophylaxis and developed an epidural hematoma and subsequent cauda equina syndrome two days after removal of the epidural catheter. An urgent magnetic resonance imaging scan revealed an epidural hematoma from the level of L3 to L4. Emergent decompression and hematoma evacuation resulted in patient's significant neurological improvement immediately postoperatively.
A high index of clinical suspicion and surgical intervention are necessary to prevent such potentially disabling complications especially after procedures on a day-case basis and early patient's discharge.
PMCID: PMC2740288  PMID: 19829853
2.  Relapsed clubfoot correction with soft-tissue release and selective application of Ilizarov technique 
The Ilizarov technique is an alternative for the treatment of complex foot deformities in children. The authors retrospectively reviewed children with relapsed clubfoot deformity, treated with soft tissue procedures and additional correction with an Ilizarov frame. Twelve consecutive patients (13 feet) with relapsed clubfoot deformity after previous surgical correction were reviewed. Treatment included open releases. An Ilizarov frame was applied as an adjunct in seven patients (mean age of 7.8 years) with severe deformity where complete intraoperative correction was not achieved. Clinical and radiographic assessment was undertaken. The mean Laaveg–Ponseti score, for the 7 feet treated with the Ilizarov frame, was 85.1 after minimum 4 years follow-up. One recurrence of forefoot deformity required metatarsal osteotomies. Postoperative radiographic measurements revealed values that can be considered as normal. Complications included pin tract infections (12% of inserted wires). Flat-topped talus was observed in 3 feet. Deformity correction was possible when soft tissue procedures were combined with the use of Ilizarov technique, in order to support and gradually improve surgical correction.
PMCID: PMC2599798  PMID: 19057984
Clubfoot; Ilizarov; Recurrent; Relapsed; Release

Results 1-2 (2)