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1.  A Community Health Record: Improving Health Through Multisector Collaboration, Information Sharing, and Technology 
We present a framework for developing a community health record to bring stakeholders, information, and technology together to collectively improve the health of a community. It is both social and technical in nature and presents an iterative and participatory process for achieving multisector collaboration and information sharing. It proposes a methodology and infrastructure for bringing multisector stakeholders and their information together to inform, target, monitor, and evaluate community health initiatives. The community health record is defined as both the proposed framework and a tool or system for integrating and transforming multisector data into actionable information. It is informed by the electronic health record, personal health record, and County Health Ranking systems but differs in its social complexity, communal ownership, and provision of information to multisector partners at scales ranging from address to zip code.
PMCID: PMC5027852  PMID: 27609300
2.  An Informatics Solution for Informing Care Delivery of Immediate Public Health Risks to Their Patients 
Online Journal of Public Health Informatics  2009;1(1):ojphi.v1i1.2750.
This paper describes a public health alerting approach that has the potential to improve patient care during a public health outbreak and reduce healthcare costs, streamline the process of public health alert management and dissemination, and heighten the crucial feedback loop between public health officials and clinicians. The approach ties public health alerts into the diagnostic process and allows clinicians to more easily determine when an observed medical condition may be related to a more widespread disease outbreak. A prototype Alert Knowledge Repository (AKR) service using this approach was demonstrated within the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and the Public Health Information Network (PHIN) interoperability showcases in April and September 2009, respectively.
PMCID: PMC3615750  PMID: 23569573
4.  Emergency Implementation of Knowledge Management System to Support a Bioterrorism Response 
In a public health emergency, it becomes necessary for public health agencies to provide timely, accurate and useful information to the community. During the anthrax attacks, the Public Health Practice Program Office in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention implemented a knowledge management (KM) system to respond to an increased number of inquiries from public health officials, first responders, and health care professionals as well as the general public. While it is possible to successfully implement a knowledge management system quickly in a crisis situation, additional challenges to sustainability may result from shortchanging the normal decision-making channels.
PMCID: PMC1479914  PMID: 14728354

Results 1-4 (4)