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2.  Platinum-based chemotherapy for recurrent CNS tumours in young patients. 
Twenty nine patients (median age 12 years) with a CNS tumour, received platinum-based chemotherapy for assessable disease. In 23 patients there was an objective response with improvement lasting for a median duration of 11 months. There was little difference in the response to cisplatinum or carboplatin therapy. The response rates in specific disease groups were: medulloblastoma 8/10, two with a complete response (CR) and six with a partial response (PR); ependymoma 1/5 PR; pineal retinoblastoma 5/5 with three CR and two PR; primitive neurectodermal tumours (PNET) 2/2 PR and pineal germ cell tumours 6/6 with four CR and two PR. It is concluded that platinum-based chemotherapy has a beneficial effect on CNS tumours of the CNS, especially medulloblastoma, ectopic intracranial retino-blastoma and pineal germ cell tumours.
PMCID: PMC1014479  PMID: 1940946
3.  Sensorineural deafness. 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  1990;301(6743):74-75.
PMCID: PMC1663395  PMID: 2390584
4.  Cochlear implants. 
PMCID: PMC1417765  PMID: 3918609
5.  Development surveillance at 8 months. 
British Medical Journal  1980;280(6228):1377.
PMCID: PMC1601836  PMID: 7388551
6.  Aids to hearing. 
PMCID: PMC1436519  PMID: 641934
7.  A new approach to the cochlear implant. 
PMCID: PMC1543188  PMID: 877107

Results 1-8 (8)