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author:("Chen, yunnan")
1.  Usability of Telehealth Technologies 
PMCID: PMC3649667  PMID: 23690764
2.  Poster Proposal: Access Patterns to a Website on Healthcare IT Failure 
Organizational and human factors issues associated with healthcare IT have led to project difficulties and failures. Detailed case accounts might improve knowledge sharing between healthcare organizations on lessons learned and best implementation practices. We conducted a study of access patterns to a website created by our first author that explicitly addresses the issue of health IT failure via highly detailed case accounts in an ‘anonymized’ format. We found that our website is one of few relevant sites that is retrieved via major search engine queries on “healthcare IT failure” or related concepts, and we hypothesize that “hits” on our website may reflect a significant portion of the demand for information on this issue. We then studied the demographics and queries used by viewers of our website via a public website-tracking utility (no personally-identifiable information was obtained). We found that demand for information on healthcare IT difficulty and failure via the Web is ongoing by searchers of a variety of demographics, and we believe the demand is largely unmet. The medical informatics community can contribute to filling this gap.
PMCID: PMC1839251  PMID: 17238714
3.  Searching for Clinical Evidence in CiteSpace 
A crucial step in the practice of evidence-based medicine is to locate the best available evidence regarding to clinical questions. In this article, we demonstrate that combining visualization techniques with traditional methods developed in evidence-based medicine could simplify the task. We describe a unifying framework for searching clinical evidence across multiple sources such as highly cited articles in the Web of Science and articles of particular types of study design in PubMed. We describe the implementation of a prototyping system to visualize the distribution of available evidence in a broader context of the underlying subject domain. We include examples of evidence found in the heart diseases and lung cancer literature. Practical implications on the design of visualization-based evidence searching tools are discussed.
PMCID: PMC1560638  PMID: 16779014

Results 1-3 (3)