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1.  Surfers ankle: a bony spur of the talar neck 
BMJ Case Reports  2009;2009:bcr07.2008.0502.
A 27-year-old competitive surfer presented with a history of a painful right ankle. He was able to recall an injury to his right ankle 4–5 years previously, sustained while surfing. The mechanism described was that he had dropped a considerable height during take-off, sustaining an impact injury from the board. He recalled immediate pain and swelling followed by 2–3 weeks of pain and a limp; he continued to surf, albeit with difficulty, despite this.
Investigations found him to have a bony spur on the anterolateral part of the talus. This case shows how this injury is similar to those observed in other sports.
PMCID: PMC3028240  PMID: 21709829

Results 1-1 (1)