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author:("berber, Ana")
2.  Floral Initiation and Inflorescence Architecture: A Comparative View 
Annals of Botany  2007;100(3):659-676.
A huge variety of plant forms can be found in nature. This is particularly noticeable for inflorescences, the region of the plant that contains the flowers. The architecture of the inflorescence depends on its branching pattern and on the relative position where flowers are formed. In model species such as Arabidopsis thaliana or Antirrhinum majus the key genes that regulate the initiation of flowers have been studied in detail and much is known about how they work. Studies being carried out in other species of higher plants indicate that the homologues of these genes are also key regulators of the development of their reproductive structures. Further, changes in these gene expression patterns and/or function play a crucial role in the generation of different plant architectures.
In this review we aim to present a summarized view on what is known about floral initiation genes in different plants, particularly dicotyledonous species, and aim to emphasize their contribution to plant architecture.
PMCID: PMC2533596  PMID: 17679690
Plant architecture; inflorescence development; compound inflorescence; floral meristem identity; LEAFY; APETALA1; TERMINAL FLOWER1; legume; VEG1; DET

Results 1-2 (2)