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1.  A new editorial board for a new editorial period 
PMCID: PMC406411  PMID: 15107134
2.  An editorial on editorials 
PMCID: PMC134177  PMID: 12403740
7.  Editorial 
Molecular Medicine  2013;19(1):303.
PMCID: PMC3883965
8.  Editorial 
Journal of Biology  2004;3(1):1.
PMCID: PMC442163
9.  Editorial 
Journal of Biology  2003;2(3):15.
PMCID: PMC333399
10.  Editorial 
Journal of Biology  2003;2(1):1.
The momentum towards open-access publishing has continued to build in the months since Journal of Biology was launched.
PMCID: PMC156592
11.  Editorial 
Genome Biology  2002;4(1):101.
In keeping with its promise to evolve in response to the needs of readers, Genome Biology is making a number of practical changes with the beginning of 2003.
PMCID: PMC151276
12.  Editorial 
Genome Biology  2001;3(1):comment0001.1.
In its one-and-a-half year history Genome Biology has witnessed the publication of the first plant genome, the first draft of the human genome (twice) and a more than doubling of the number of completed microbial sequences. There has also been a shift in 'functional genomics' away from simple microarray data and towards studies of the expression, structure and function of proteins, pathway and network analysis, and harnessing the power of comparative genomics. Debate has also raged over the past year on the importance and merits of providing immediate world-wide, barrier-free open access to the full text of research articles.
PMCID: PMC150443
13.  Editorial 
Genome Biology  2000;1(1):comment001.1-comment001.2.
PMCID: PMC138818
14.  Editorial: The upper airway - the forgotten organ 
Critical Care  2001;5(1):1-2.
The upper airway is an organ not often investigated. Relatively little is known about its complex functions, and misunderstandings abound. The paper by Thomachot et al in this issue provides an opportunity to ponder on this important organ. Although the main result seems to be negative, the study provides some interesting physiological information on the upper airway and how it works.
PMCID: PMC137263  PMID: 11178219
humidification; filtration; upper airway; heat and moisture exchange
15.  Editorial 
Journal of Biology  2002;1(2):6.
Several aspects of Journal of Biology seem to have caught readers' attention. Some of the questions asked have arisen sufficiently often to be worth addressing here.
PMCID: PMC137066
20.  Guest Editorial: Reinventing the Wheels 
Environmental Health Perspectives  2005;113(4):A218-A219.
PMCID: PMC1278496  PMID: 15811809

Results 1-25 (3642)