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3.  A new editorial board for a new editorial period 
PMCID: PMC406411  PMID: 15107134
4.  An editorial on editorials 
PMCID: PMC134177  PMID: 12403740
Annals of Botany  2007;99(1):1.
PMCID: PMC2802988
11.  Clinical Risk and Judicial Reasoning: Editorial Comment 
PMCID: PMC2628500  PMID: 18979145
12.  Assault on editorial independence: improprieties of the Canadian Medical Association 
Journal of Medical Ethics  2007;33(2):63-66.
The violation of editorial independence by the CMA seriously damaged trust in CMAJ and raises questions whether the CMA can operate a truly independent journal
PMCID: PMC2598234  PMID: 17264189
13.  Editorial: Tonic for What Ails Us? High Affinity GABAA Receptors and Alcohol 
Alcohol (Fayetteville, N.Y.)  2007;41(3):139-143.
Ethanol interactions with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, play key roles in acute intoxication. However, the exact mechanisms of these ethanol interactions have been the subject of considerable confusion and controversy. Many studies suggest that ethanol potentiates the function of the type A GABA receptor (GABAA-R). However, these findings have not been consistently replicated in experiments that directly examined ethanol effects on GABAA-R-mediated ion current. Differences in ethanol sensitivity of different GABAA-R subtypes have been invoked as a potential explanation for the inconsistent findings, and recent work suggests that GABAA-Rs that contain the delta subunit and/or mediate tonic extrasynaptic GABA responses may be especially ethanol-sensitive. However, considerable disagreement has arisen over these findings. This special issue of Alcohol contains articles from eight research groups who are examining this issue. The authors present their work, their views on the present state of this area of alcohol research, and their ideas about how to proceed with future studies that may help to address the present confusion and controversy. This editorial provides an introduction to this line of research and the current findings and controversies.
PMCID: PMC2043151  PMID: 17521844
Ethanol; Synaptic Inhibition; Intoxication; RO15-4513
14.  Editorial 
PMCID: PMC2585740  PMID: 19030116
15.  Editorial 
PMCID: PMC2430054  PMID: 18592000
16.  Editorial for Leukemia Research 
Leukemia research  2007;32(3):367-368.
PMCID: PMC2410082  PMID: 17825908
18.  Editorial Overview 
Current opinion in immunology  2008;20(3):325-326.
PMCID: PMC2474792  PMID: 18499420
19.  Editorial for the 2008 Paul M. Vanhoutte Distinguished Lectureship Award 
PMCID: PMC2746066  PMID: 19033816
21.  Mathematical Psychology: Prospects For The 21st Century1: A Guest Editorial 
The twenty-first century is certainly in progress by now, but hardly well underway. Therefore, I will take that modest elasticity in concept as a frame for this essay. This frame will serve as background for some of my hopes and gripes about contemporary psychology and mathematical psychology’s place therein. It will also act as platform for earnest, if wistful thoughts about what might have (and perhaps can still) aid us in forwarding our agenda and what I see as some of the promising avenues for the future. I loosely structure the essay into a section about mathematical psychology in the context of psychology at large and then a section devoted to prospects within mathematical psychology proper. The essay can perhaps be considered as in a similar spirit, although differing in content, to previous editorial-like reviews of general or specific aspects of mathematical psychology such as Estes (1975), Falmagne (2005), Luce (1997) that have appeared in this journal.
PMCID: PMC2651093  PMID: 19802342
Future; Mathematical Psychology; Fields of Mathematical Psychology; History of Mathematical Psychology; Psychological Science; Clinical Science and Mathematical Psychology; Neuroscience and Mathematical Psychology; Mathematical Psychology and Other quantitative Fields; Computer Science and Mathematical Psychology; Physics and Mathematical Psychology
22.  Editorial for special issue of JFC on Biomedicinal Chemistry 
Journal of fluorine chemistry  2008;129(9):730.
PMCID: PMC2598402  PMID: 19727326
23.  Editorial Note 
Epilepsy research  2008;82(2-3):242.
PMCID: PMC2768366  PMID: 18835757
24.  Editorial 
Mutation research  2008;647(1-2):1-2.
PMCID: PMC2743168  PMID: 18983859
25.  Editorial Overview: Exploring the vast dynamic range of RNA dynamics 
PMCID: PMC2645508  PMID: 19013256

Results 1-25 (4008)