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Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2017 December; 24(12): e00278-17.
Published online 2017 December 5. doi:  10.1128/CVI.00278-17
PMCID: PMC5717190

Article of Significant Interest Selected from This Issue by the Editors

A Single High Dose of CVD 103-HgR Live Oral Cholera Vaccine Is More Immunogenic than a Standard Dose or than One or Two Doses of Shanchol Oral Killed Vaccine

In a study by Sow et al. (e00265-17), Malian adults were randomly allocated to receive a single standard dose (108 CFU) or a high dose (109 CFU) of CVD 103-HgR live oral cholera vaccine or two doses (2 weeks apart) of Shanchol killed oral cholera vaccine. Inaba serum vibriocidal antibody responses (seroconversion rate, geometric mean titer [GMT], and fold rise) were compared. High-dose CVD 103-HgR exhibited significantly higher seroconversion rates than one or two doses of Shanchol and significantly higher GMTs than standard-dose CVD 103-HgR. A single high dose of CVD 103-HgR is recommended for accelerated evaluation in developing countries to assess effectiveness and practicality in field situations.

figure zcd0121755590001
Top, percentage of vaccinees in each group who seroconverted by days of follow-up; middle, kinetics of the GMT of serum vibriocidal antibody by days of follow-up; bottom, kinetics of the geometric mean fold rise (GMFR) of serum vibriocidal antibody by ...

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