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Published online 2017 September 15. doi: 10.1589/jpts.29.1630

Table 2.

The number of participants who answered “yes” for each statement in the loco-check
Statements in the loco-checkNumber of participants, n (%)
You cannot put on a pair of socks while standing on one leg54 (76.1)
You stumble or slip in your house30 (43.7)
You need to use a handrail when going upstairs65 (91.5)
You cannot get across the road at a crossing before the traffic light changes16 (22.5)
You have difficulty walking continuously for 15 min22 (40.0)
You find it difficult to walk home carrying a shopping bag weighing about 2 kg43 (60.6)
You find it difficult to do housework requiring physical strength41 (57.7)