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Logo of sudanjpSudanese Journal of Paediatrics
Sudan J Paediatr. 2013; 13(1): i.
PMCID: PMC5532813

About the Cover

figure sjp-13-i-g001

The Cover

The civilizations that influenced Sudan are depicted in the Cover. These are represented by the Meroitic script, the indigenous alphabet which consisted of 23 letters and was developed at about 700-300BC []. The site of the city of Meroë, located 200 km northeast of Khartoum, is marked by more than 200 pyramids. It formed the southern Capital of the Napta / Meroitic Kingdom (800BC-350AD) which flourished due to a strong iron industry and international trade involving China and India. The Arabic script of the “Sudanese Journal of Paediatrics” was designed in 1984 by Taha El Atta, PhD at the Sudan University, College of Fine Arts. It reflects the main current language and culture following the migratory waves in the 12th century from the Arabian Peninsula. A smiling Sudanese baby with interactive eye contact reflects normal cognitive development.

Cover design: Vir Salvador and Mustafa A Salih

Articles from Sudanese Journal of Paediatrics are provided here courtesy of Sudan Association of Paediatricians