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Acad Pathol. 2017 Jan-Dec; 4: 2374289517699230.
Published online 2017 March 29. doi:  10.1177/2374289517699230
PMCID: PMC5497865

Pathology Residents Comprise Inspection Team for a CAP Self-Inspection


We report our experience at the University of Florida in which residents and fellows served as the inspection team for a College of American Pathologists (CAP) self-inspection. We aimed to determine whether the CAP self-inspection could serve as a learning opportunity for pathology residents and fellows. To prepare for the inspection, we provided a series of 4 lunchtime seminars covering numerous laboratory management topics relating to inspections and laboratory quality. Preparation for the inspection began approximately 4 months prior to the date of the inspection. The intent was to simulate a CAP peer inspection, with the exception that the date was announced. The associate residency program director served as the team leader. All residents and fellows completed inspector training provided by CAP, and the team leader completed the team leader training. A 20 question pre- and posttest was administered; additionally, an anonymous survey was given after the inspection. The residents’ and fellows’ posttest scores were an average of 15% higher than on the pretest (P < .01). The surveys as well as subjective comments were overwhelmingly positive. In conclusion, the resident’s and fellow’s experience as an inspector during a CAP self-inspection was a useful tool to learn accreditation and laboratory management.

Keywords: CAP inspection, management, accreditation, proficiency testing, personnel, residency, transition to practice

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