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Published online 2004 November 26. doi: 10.1186/1477-044X-2-7

Table 4

Examples of other enzymes purified by magnetic techniques

Purified enzymeSourceMagnetic carrierAffinity ligandFurther detailsReference
Alcohol dehydrogenaseYeast homogenateMagnetic cross-linked polyvinylalcoholCibacron blue 3GAElution with high salt buffer[52]
Saccharomyces cerevisiae extractPEG with bound Cibacron blueMagnetic two-phase system[53]
Aldolase (recombinant, histidine tagged)PeaMagnetic core and nickel-silica composite matrixNi2+Elution with imidazole containing buffer[36]
AngioI-TEM-β-lactamaseEscherichia coli cells extractsMagnetic agarose beadsIminodiacetic acid charged with Zn2+Elution with low pH buffer[56]
AsparaginaseEscherichia coli homogenateMagnetic polyacrylamide gel particlesD-AsparagineElution with D-asparagine solution[58]
Carbonic anhydraseModel mixtureMagnetic agarose beadsSulfanilimideElution with high salt buffer[14]
CatalaseBovine liver, commercial preparationMagnetic poly(EGDMA-MAH) beadsFe3+Elution with NaSCN solution[61]
Cytochrome cHorse, Candida kruseiAmine terminated iron oxide particlesIminodiacetic acid charged with Cu2+Binding studies[63]
Commercial preparationAu@magnetic particlesMALDI MS analysis[31]
Horse heartMagnetic agarose beadsIminodiacetic acid charged with Cu2+Elution with EDTA containing buffer[56]
Bovine heartMagnetic ion-exchange particlesProtein binding studies[12]
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenaseFerrofluid modified Sepharose 4BADP[65]
Saccharomyces cerevisiae extractPEG with bound Cibacron blueMagnetic two-phase system[53]
HexokinaseEscherichia coli homogenatePEG with bound Cibacron blueMagnetic two-phase system[53]
Lactate dehydrogenaseBeef heartFerrofluid modified Sepharose 4BAMPElution with 1 mM NADH[13]
Porcine muscleMagnetic agarose beadsReactive Red 120Column elution with NaCl gradient[66]
LactoperoxidaseSweet wheyMagnetic cation exchangerHGMS[67,68]
Luciferase (histidine-tagged)Escherichia coli homogenateMagneHis™ systemNi2+[69,70]
Phosphatase, alkalineHuman placentaDynabeads M-450Specific antibodyActivity of bound enzyme measured[83]
Phosphatase, alkaline (fusion protein comprising the DNA-binding lac repressor)Bacterial lysateMagnetic beadsDNA containing Escherichia coli lac operatorElution with lactose analogue[64]
PhosphofructokinaseSaccharomyces cerevisiae extractPEG with bound Cibacron blueMagnetic two-phase system[53]
6-Phosphogluconate dehydrogenaseFerrofluid modified Sepharose 4BADPElution with 1 mM NADP[13]
Thioredoxin (recombinant, histidine-tagged)Escherichia coliMagnetic agaroseNi-NTAElution with imidazole containing buffer[20]
tRNA methionyl synthetase (recombinant, histidine-tagged)Escherichia coliMagneHis™ systemNi2+Rapid detection and quantitation of isolated protein[85]
Uricase (recombinant, histidine-tailed)BacillusIon-chelating magnetic agarose beadsNi2+Elution by cleavage with proteinase K[92]