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Published online 2004 November 26. doi: 10.1186/1477-044X-2-7

Table 2

Purification of lysozyme by magnetic techniques

Purified enzymeSourceMagnetic carrierAffinity ligandFurther detailsReference
LysozymeHen egg whiteMagnetic chitinElution with 0.01 M HCl[71]
Hen egg whiteMagnetic acetylated chitosanElution with 0.01 M HCl[9]
Commercial preparationMagnetic poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)Cibacron Blue F3GAElution with 1 M KSCN[72]
Magnetic chitosan beadsMagnetically stabilized fluidized bed[73]
Ornithodoros moubataMagnetic chitinElution with alkaline, high salt buffer[74]
Commercial preparationMagnetic cross-linked polyvinylalcoholCibacron blue 3GAElution with high salt buffer[52]
Magnetite – polyacrylic acid nanoparticlesIon-exchange separation[75]
Magnetic cross-linked polyvinylalcohol beadsAdsorption study[76]
Commercial preparationMagnetic agarose beadsCibacron blue 3GAMagnetically stabilized fluidized bed[77]
Magnetic chitosanCibacron blue 3GAStudy of adsorption properties[78]
Commercial preparationFerrofluid modified sawdustElution with 0.5 M NaCl[79]
Commercial preparationNano-sized magnetic particlesElution with NaH2PO4 and NaSCN[80]
Lysozyme (recombinant, histidine-tailed)T4BioMag, amine terminatedIminodiacetic acid charged with Cu2+Elution with low pH buffer[81]