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Published online 2004 November 26. doi: 10.1186/1477-044X-2-7

Figure 1

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Examples of batch magnetic separators applicable for magnetic separation of proteins and peptides. A: Dynal MPC -S for six microtubes (Dynal, Norway); B: Dynal MPC – 1 for one test tube (Dynal, Norway); C: Dynal MPC – L for six test tubes (Dynal, Norway); D: magnetic separator for six Eppendorf tubes (New England BioLabs, USA); E: MagneSphere Technology Magnetic Separation Stand, two position (Promega, USA); F: MagnaBot Large Volume Magnetic Separation Device (Promega, USA); G: MagneSphere Technology Magnetic Separation Stand, twelve-position (Promega, USA); H: Dynal MPC – 96 S for 96-well microtitre plates (Dynal, Norway); I: MagnaBot 96 Magnetic Separation Device for 96-well microtitre plates (Promega, USA); J: BioMag Solo-Sep Microcentrifuge Tube Separator (Polysciences, USA); K: BioMag Flask Separator (Polysciences, USA); L: MagneSil Magnetic Separation Unit (Promega, USA); M: MCB 1200 processing system for 12 microtubes based on MixSep process (Sigris Research, USA); N: PickPen magnetic tool (Bio-Nobile, Finland). Reproduced with the permission of the above mentioned companies; the photos were taken from their www pages.