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Microb Biotechnol. 2017 May; 10(3): 666–667.
Published online 2017 April 25. doi:  10.1111/1751-7915.12724
PMCID: PMC5404185

Microbial therapeutics

An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in microbial biotechnology
Lawrence P. Wackett, McKnight Professor 1

Microbial therapeutics review

This is a current review on microbial therapeutics. The review discusses additive and subtractive methods for modulating microbiota to improve health.


This web page describes a project supported by the National Science Foundation and Microbial Robotics to develop engineered bacteria to release therapeutic chemicals and kill cancer cells.

Finch therapeutics

This is a commercial website for a company teaming up with other companies to develop microbial therapeutics. Projects include the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and Clostridium dificile infections.

Microbial ecosystem therapeutics

This review article discusses options for replacing diseased gut microbiota with a healthy gut microbiota to restore health in human patients.

Bacterial therapeutics

This page highlights the book, Probiotics and prebiotics: Current research and future trends.

Microbial communities as a source of therapeutics

This Frontiers issue deals with microbial antibiotic resistance and efforts to identify new natural products and increasingly, alternative strategies for fighting microbial infectious disease.

Using bugs as drugs

This review article discussed faecal microbial therapy and advocates for a more comprehensive treatment of modulating the broader intestinal ecosystem.

Orally delivered microbial therapy

Clostridium dificile infections are being treated using faecal transplantation. This article discusses an alternative process of providing an oral pill containing spores that will pass into the intestine and modulate a healthy gut microbiota.

Microbiome therapeutics programme

This company provides services and products focused on analysing and treating diseased microbiomes, respectively.

The Immuno‐Microbiome

Evelo Biosciences, working in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, seeks to establish immuno‐microbiome cancer therapies.

Microbial‐base therapy of cancer

The use of bacteria to cause tumour regression has been investigated for decades, but recent developments in genomic sequencing and microbiome research have fuelled this area of research.

Microbes meet cancer

This article discusses how the microbiome influences and enhances cancer chemotherapies, presumably through dealing with inflammation.

Treating eczema with own microbiome

The skin disorder eczema is thought to be due to an undesirable change in localized skin microbiota. In this context, a cream was made of healthy bacteria on skin to treat afflicted areas.

Bacteria used for drug delivery

This article highlights one companies approach in microbial therapeutics, largely from the perspective of intellectual property.

Bacteria with thermostats delivering drugs

This news article discussed strategies for engineering bacteria to both thrive in the intestinal tract, as well as to clear when that is desirable.

Therapeutic strategies for modulating gut inflammation

This is a broad‐based review on the effects of gut microbiota on modulating immune function.

Bugs as drugs

This news article provides an overview of modulating the human microbiome to deal with disease. The article focuses on some of the key researchers and emerging companies in the field.


Microbial Biotechnology (2017) 10(3), 666–667

Articles from Microbial Biotechnology are provided here courtesy of Wiley-Blackwell