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Published online 2017 March 18. doi: 10.1002/ece3.2783

Figure 5

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(a) Collection localities of Bactrocera tryoni (locality codes from Table 1), indicating regions and management zones, approximate boundaries between zones (dashed lines), and approximate location of long‐term roadblocks (black rectangles). Major genetic groups (from Figure 4) are indicated by circles of different colors (yellow = NSW/Gippsland, red = NSW/Eastern Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone (FFEZ), green = Central FFEZ, blue = Southern FFEZ), triangles represent sites that are not closely related, with each being genetically distinct from both each other and the major groups. (b) Inset showing B. tryoni populations found previously using microsatellite genotyping—modified from figure 2 in Gilchrist and Meats (2010)

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