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Logo of jlrJournal of Lipid Research
J Lipid Res. 2017 April; 58(4): 820.
Published online 2017 March 29. doi:  10.1194/jlr.M055269ERR
PMCID: PMC5392738


Regarding “Functional characterization of enzymes catalysing ceramide phosphoethanolamine biosynthesis in mice” (J. Lipid Res. 56: 821–835):

The editors of the Journal raised a concern regarding the validity of Fig. 3B (PCR-based genotyping of SMSrD348E mice). As the authors could not provide the original data to Fig. 3B at high resolution, they supplied an alternative image to replace Fig. 3B, which, together with Fig. 3C and 3D, validates the genetic identity of the SMrD348E mice that were phenotypically analyzed in this paper.

figure 820fig1

In addition, the authors want to correct an error on page 827, which occurred after the first sentence in the RESULTS section under the caption “Tissue specific- distribution of SMSr protein.” The depicted peptide sequence (CDGPIPDLSSDQYQY) is incorrect and corresponds to an internal region of the SMSr protein. The correct peptide sequence is CWPFSKPAIMKRLIG and corresponds to the C-terminus of the protein, as indicated in the MATERIAL AND METHODS section. This error does not affect the validity of the conclusions of this work. The authors regret this error and apologize for any inconvenience that it may have caused.

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