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Logo of jdsrThe Japanese Dental Science Review
Jpn Dent Sci Rev. 2016 February; 52(1): 1.
Published online 2016 January 6. doi:  10.1016/j.jdsr.2015.12.001
PMCID: PMC5382788


A new year, 2016, has started.

The theme of the Japanese Association for Dental Science, which started a new system in July last year, is “invigorating dentistry.” Invigorating dentistry is by no means an inward-focused proposition. The public trusts us to build an organization with reliable systems, and we are capable of meeting its needs. Let's set forth clear objectives, and get all of dentistry involved in moving forward.

Currently the Association has in operation five standing committees and 17 ad hoc committees that reflect the features of our leadership. I would like to introduce the activities of our committees this year in relation to children and elderly persons, and convey a single future direction for the Association.

In a domestic survey by the Priority Research Committee, it was revealed that disorders related to passing food through the lips, chewing, and swallowing can be found not only among children with disabilities but among other children as well. This year, we will examine and implement the following based on this data, and thereby further expand our activities.

  • (i) We shall utilize such resources as the Association website, launch frequently asked questions (FAQ) websites, and work to raise public awareness and rectify feeding problems among children.
  • (ii) As individual countermeasures are needed with regard to feeding problems among children, we shall work to build methods (systems) for the classification of problem stages, and assessment systems aimed at making improvements with regard to functional problems related to passing food through the lips, chewing, and swallowing.
  • (iii) In order to help dentists and multidisciplinary professionals train and study diligently, we shall build a training system aimed at making improvements with regard to feeding problems, hold training workshops, and propose undergraduate and postgraduate lifelong education systems.

Our Review Committee on Oral Care has been communicating the concept of “oral health management,” which it put forth last year, to society in a common language not only for dentistry professionals but also multidisciplinary professionals, and will examine the development of a healthcare delivery system especially for the elderly, utilizing the expertise of both these types of professionals. To this end, we shall hold public forums, listen to a wide range of opinions from dentists and multidisciplinary professionals, and the general public, and demonstrate that dentistry is positioned to be able to contribute to society in a cooperative manner.

This year is one in which we will hold our quadrennial general meeting of the Japanese Association for Dental Science. The 23rd General Meeting of the Japanese Association for Dental Science will take place on October 21 through 23, 2016 in Fukuoka City, Kyushu. This is the first time for the meeting to be held in Kyushu. There are three foci for this event. We are anticipating participation from neighboring Asian countries; we hope to further develop cooperation with regard to dental personnel; and our program is structured so that we will be able to understand the global trends in dentistry. We are paying close consideration to collaboration with the Dental Show, which will be held around the same time, and are proud that the participants will be able to experience an unprecedented level of fulfillment regarding our arrangements. Please don’t miss this chance to visit Fukuoka and further enhance your capabilities.

This year marks the 33rd year of the ancient Chinese sexagenary cycle. The 33rd year is said to be a year in which “forms will become clearer,” and “the fruits of efforts will be finalized.” In other words, things will take shape and further directions will be determined. Therefore, this year's goals for our industry, which the Association is currently working on, will be firmly established. As such, I intend to strive for the fulfillment of our mission with a renewed spirit.

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