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Behav Neurol. 2011; 24(1): 27–34.
Published online 2011 March 29. doi:  10.3233/BEN-2011-0320
PMCID: PMC5377961

Peri-Ictal and Ictal Cognitive Dysfunction in Epilepsy


Disturbances in cognitive function, particularly memory, are a common complaint of patients with epilepsy. Factors contributing to cognitive dysfunction are the type of epilepsy, type and frequency of seizures, anti-epileptic drugs and the location of underlying brain lesions. Whilst a great deal of attention has been paid to permanent cognitive impairment, the nature and underlying mechanisms of ictal and peri-ictal cognitive changes are poorly understood. In-depth investigation of seizure related cognitive dysfunction is of great clinical relevance, as these changes are potentially reversible and treatable, thus reducing the cumulative effect of frequent seizures Greater knowledge of peri-ictal and ictal cognitive dysfunction would improve seizure prediction, localization of seizure focus and assessment of treatment effectiveness, greatly reducing distress and disability. This paper will review current understanding of peri-ictal and ictal cognitive dysfunction and discuss future directions for research.

Keywords: Cognitive dysfunction, ictal, peri-ictal, seizures, epilepsy

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