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J Virol. 2017 April 1; 91(7): e00079-17.
Published online 2017 March 13. doi:  10.1128/JVI.00079-17
PMCID: PMC5355604

Correction for Baig et al., Determinants of Efficient Degradation of APOBEC3 Restriction Factors by HIV-1 Vif


Volume 88, no. 24, p. 14380–14395, 2014, Page 14389, Fig. 6A, right panels: We mistakenly included an APOBEC3G deamination gel image that was previously published as Supplementary Figure S2A in another publication in 2013 (Y. Feng, R. P. Love, and L. Chelico, J Biol Chem 288(9):6083–6094, 2013,

figure zjv0071724600006

Figure 6A should appear as shown below.

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