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Mhealth. 2016; 2: 16.
Published online 2016 April 22. doi:  10.21037/mhealth.2016.03.05
PMCID: PMC5344155

Apps for Highlights: our new column for your health management needs


Millions of health and fitness apps are available in online App stores but people are confused about which ones to use and what are the possible benefits of using them. To broaden your understanding about uses and advantages of these mobile apps, every month in this issue, we will focus on a particular health issue and review related mobile apps.

Keywords: Apps, health, fitness

Do you want to know what kind of health and fitness apps are available in online App stores? How these apps are being used? What features to look for when selecting a great app? What are consumers and health providers saying about some of the highly rated apps?

Well, look no further! You will find your answers in mHealth’s new column, “Apps for Highlights”, in which mobile health researcher Dr. Beenish Chaudhry—who has spent best years of her life researching ways to design and develop mobile health applications that can improve health outcomes in under-served populations—will bring you short and succinct descriptions and reviews of various mobile applications.

Every month, Dr. Chaudhry will focus on a health issue, and introduce 1–2 apps that have potential for management of that issue. She will also include consumer reviews, so you can get an intimate understanding of app’s usefulness for people like yourself. Sometimes she will introduce a health app in the making, that is, research prototypes that have extraordinary and proven features to improve your health. Hopefully, this will broaden your expectation and understanding around health management, and help you select the best product whenever you are searching for one.

If, at any time, you want her to tackle a certain health issue or review a specific app, submit your request to us. As long as there is an app for it, no request is off limits. Dr. Chaudhry will be thrilled to address your needs, and make this column relevant to you. We welcome your requests at




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