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Published online 2017 March 8. doi: 10.1128/mSphere.00003-17

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F-L synchronization changes the relationship between the precursor pool size and cell size. Flagellar length in cycloheximide, which corresponds to the precursor pool, is plotted along the y axis. Matching cell volume is plotted along the x axis. Values are plotted for (a) nonsynchronized (red), (b) L-D synchronized (blue), (c) M-N synchronized (purple), and (d) F-L synchronized (green) populations. n = 100. Nonsynchronized cells showed a significant correlation between cell size and precursor pool size (r = 0.73). L-D and M-N synchronized cells had narrow cell volume and precursor pool ranges. F-L synchronized cells showed a narrow precursor pool range without limiting cell volume. (e) Relation between nonsynchronous and F-L synchronized cells. The straight lines represent the best-fitted lines through the data point and were drawn after linear regression (red, nonsynchronous cells; green, F-L synchronized cells). SE = standard error of the slopes. The slope became smaller in the case of F-L synchronized cells, a result which is significantly different from that seen with nonsynchronous cells (P = 0.0012).

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