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Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis
Published online 2016 December 8. doi: 10.1007/s00005-016-0430-x

Table 4

Treatment-free survival time and overall survival time according to the clinical and genetic variables

VariableTreatment-free survivalOverall survival
HR95% CI p valueHR95% CI p value
Gender—man2.281.264.12 0.007 5.321.5118.80 0.009
β2Ma 0.01 0.005
LDHa 1.070.991.
ZAP70a 0.980.960.99 0.005 1.010.981.050.57
CD38a 0.990.971.010.230.990.961.020.60
Ageb 0.990.961.020.530.980.931.030.36
17p deletion0.910.342.440.850.540.074.360.56
rs1844089 GG → GA|AA0.930.611.430.7571.800.654.970.26
rs9288952 AA → AG|GG0.720.411.280.261.310.295.960.73
rs1982809 AA → AG0.970.701.330.950.880.332.340.22
rs1982809 AA → GG0.920.531.620.210.031.74
rs2633580 CC → GC|GG0.960.621.490.851.820.665.030.25
rs2705511 AA → AC0.940.691.290.700.790.292.120.51
rs2705511 AA → CC1.220.672.200.360.052.80
rs2705565 CC → CT|TT0.670.371.200.180.680.095.310.71
rs9288953 CC → CT1.140.801.630.750.470.171.330.36
rs9288953 CC → TT1.120.721.740.530.142.06

Statistically significant results were given in bold

HR hazard risk

aIncreases at 10% of value

bIncreases at one year of age