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R Soc Open Sci. 2017 January; 4(1): 160937.
Published online 2017 January 4. doi:  10.1098/rsos.160937
PMCID: PMC5319357

Correction to ‘DNA barcoding uncovers cryptic diversity in 50% of deep-sea Antarctic polychaetes’

The submitted correction is an updated version of figure 1. In the correct figure, shown below, the following has been changed from the figure in the publication:

Figure 1.
Phylogenetic tree of Scalibregmatidae from Bayesian analysis using COI (a) and 16S (b). An example of results ‘scenario 1’, evidence for cryptic diversity in COI and 16S genes, cryptic species Scalibregma sp. (MB1), (MB2) and (MB3). ...

In the COI tree (figure 1a), the sequence in purple has been renamed Scalibregma sp. (MB2) (from (MB1) in blue).

In the 16S tree (figure 1b), the sequences labelled Scalibregma sp. (MB3) have been recoloured to orange (from black).

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