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Proc Math Phys Eng Sci. 2017 January; 473(2197): 20160897.
PMCID: PMC5312137

Editorial January 2017

Proceedings A is aimed at a general audience of physical scientists and articles published should be of interest to researchers working outside the discipline of the article. Since I took up the role of Editor for Proceedings A, I have been working with the Royal Society to identify how best we might improve the breadth of articles published; this is the purpose of writing to you today.

Based on the author feedback, the journal has a reputation for rigorous peer review and provides a good service to authors. However, its subject coverage has become rather limited and does not always publish articles with a sufficient level of interest to the wider community. Further to this, the Society's Publishing Board agreed a strategy to revamp Proceedings A by increasing its subject coverage and profile. It was agreed to strengthen and broaden the Editorial Board with the addition of several Subject Editors to look after specific areas. The Editors will commission high-level Review articles on key, current topics of wide interest and high importance to be published in the journal alongside the existing freely submitted articles. These might be in emergent fields or areas where there has been particular progress. The intent is that this would start to encourage more papers in areas where we currently have less coverage than we would like.

The following Subject Editors have been appointed so far:

Chemistry: Prof. Paul O'Brien from the University of Manchester, a leading inorganic chemist focusing on developing new chemical processes for manufacturing thin films and nanoparticles ('o.luap).

Computer Science: Prof. Wendy Hall at the University of Southampton, who has made significant contributions to our understanding of the interactions between humans and large networks of computers such as the Internet (

Engineering: Prof. Roger Owen from the University of Swansea, a pioneer in the development of computational strategies for solid and structural mechanics in particular plastic deformation problems (

Mathematics: Prof. Herbert Huppert of the University of Cambridge, an applied mathematician whose work has greatly improved our understanding of the behaviour of fluids in and on the Earth's surface (

Physics: Prof. Ajay Sood, from the Indian Institute of Science, a pioneering physicist whose research interests include the physics of nanosystems and soft matter (ni.tenre.csii.scisyhp@doosa).

Subject editors in the areas of Astronomy, Earth Sciences and Materials Sciences will be appointed soon.

The Editors need the help of the community in suggesting hot topics to commission; please contact the Reviews Editor (Prof. Michel Destrade, ei.yawlagiun@edartsed.lehcim), appropriate Subject Editor or the Publishing Editor (Joanna Harries, gro.yteicoslayor@seirrah.annaoj) if you have any suggestions. The objective is to publish two or three high-level Review articles on current topics of wide interest each month.

Articles from Proceedings. Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences are provided here courtesy of The Royal Society