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Images Paediatr Cardiol. 2016 Jan-Mar; 18(1): 8–9.
PMCID: PMC5270037

The chest x-ray in congenital heart disease 7

This CXR shows a normal vascular pedicle with a left aortic knuckle and normal pulmonary vascularity. There is some prominence of the apex to the left with a rounded contour suggestive of left ventricular enlargement.

There is no evidence of either atria being abnormally placed or distorted. An interesting point is that the patient has an aortic valve replacement and the disk valve prosthesis lies in an unusual and high horizontal position. This suggests that aortic valve is in unusual position such as in transposition of great arteries following an arterial switch procedure.

This is the case in this patient wherein aortic valve replacement was carried out for aortic regurgitation.

figure ipc-18-8-g001

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