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doi: 10.1128/MCB.24.20.9186-9197.2004

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Paromomycin strongly affects translational readthrough in zuo1-H128Q and ssz1-S295F strains. (A) Readthrough was determined in wild-type, ssz1-S295F, and zuo1-H128Q strains or the respective strains overexpressing HSP104 grown on YPD or YPD containing 2 mM GndHCl. Numbers below the columns indicate increase of readthrough compared to that of the wild type grown under the same conditions. (B) Readthrough was determined in wild-type, zuo1-H128Q, and ssz1-S295F strains grown on YPD containing 2 mM GndHCl plus increasing concentrations of paromomycin as indicated. Note that the paromomycin concentration used in this experiment was adjusted according to the inhibitory concentration for each strain (see Fig. Fig.3B).3B). Readthrough was quantified as described in the legend to Fig. Fig.22.

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