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Logo of jbcThe Journal of Biological Chemistry
J Biol Chem. 2016 July 1; 291(27): 14393.
PMCID: PMC4933198

Pericentric heterochromatin generated by HP1 protein interaction-defective histone methyltransferase Suv39h1.

VOLUME 288 (2013) PAGES 25285–25296

This article has been withdrawn by the authors. In this work, we reported that pericentric accumulation of histone methyltransferase, Suv39h1 and Suv39h1-mediated H3K9me3 can take place in the absence of the interaction of Suv39h1 with HP1 and HP1 accumulation. In extending this work, we found that we could not reproduce our finding that there was pericentric accumulation of the HP1 interaction-defective Suv39h1 mutant (Suv39h1 1–41 deletion mutant) in Suv39h-deficient ES cells (depicted in Fig. 2, C and G); we again observed induction of pericentric H3K9me3. Although we could not repeat precisely the same experiments as the supply of the original cell lines had been exhausted, our recent results no longer support our original published conclusions. Therefore, we wish to withdraw this paper. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have resulted from its publication.

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