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Published online 2016 February 1. doi: 10.1111/jvim.13832

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Correlations of biomarkers with tubulointerstitial damage based on light microscopy with 95% confidence intervals. Circles represent a statistically significant correlation and triangles represent no significant correlation. *P < .05; **P < .01; n = 176. SCr, serum creatinine; USG, urine specific gravity; UPC, urine protein:creatinine ratio; uIgG/c, urine immunoglobulin G/urine creatinine; IgG_FE, fractional excretion of immunoglobulin G; uIgM/c, urine immunoglobulin M/urine creatinine; IgM_FE, fractional excretion of immunoglobulin M; uRBP/c, urine retinol binding protein/urine creatinine; sRBP, serum retinol binding protein; RBP_FE, fractional excretion of retinol binding protein; uNGAL/c, urine neutrophil gelatinase‐associated lipocalin/urine creatinine; sNGAL, serum neutrophil gelatinase‐associated lipocalin; NGAL_FE, fractional excretion of neutrophil gelatinase‐associated lipocalin; uNAG/c, urine N‐acetyl‐β‐D‐glucosaminidase/urine creatinine.

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