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J Virol. 2016 July 1; 90(13): 6171–6172.
Published online 2016 June 10. doi:  10.1128/JVI.00681-16
PMCID: PMC4907243

Correction for Prasad et al., Activation of Human Herpesvirus Replication by Apoptosis


Volume 87, no. 19, p. 10641–10650, 2013. Page 10645, Fig. 3: Due to errors in preparing the figure, the EBV DAPI panel was reflected 90 degrees, the EBV pcas3-WT-Cas3 panel was a duplicate of the KSHV pcas3-WT-Cas3 panel, the HHV-6A pcas3-WT-Cas3 panel was actually the EBV pcas3-WT-Cas3 panel, and the HHV-7 pcas3-WT and KSHV pcas3-WT panels were inverted.

figure zjv0131617480001

Figure 3 should appear as shown below.

Page 10646, Fig. 4: Due to an error in preparing the figure, the EBV Viral DNA versus DCPE+ [Caspase-3 Inhibitor] graph was a duplication of the HHV-6A Viral DNA versus DCPE + [Caspase-3 Inhibitor] graph.

figure zjv0131617480002

Figure 4 should appear as shown below.

Correction of these errors does not affect the original data, data interpretation, or conclusions of the article.

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