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Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2015 July; 80(1): i–iii.
Published online 2015 June 23. doi:  10.1111/bcp.12489
PMCID: PMC4500320

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A. Cohen


European Editors

Y. K. Loke

A. de Boer


Australasian Editor

A. Somogyi


American Editors

D. Flockhart


R. Bies


Reviews Editor

A. Ferro

Senior Online Editor

Annette Gilchrist


Education Editor

Sarah Ross

Vice President - Clinical, British Pharmacological Society

M. Pirmohamed

Co-Vice President - Clinical, British Pharmacological Society

P. McGettigan

Honorary Treasurer

R. Hiley


E. M. Whelan


E. Baker, London, UK

T. Blaschke, California, USA

A. V. Boddy, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

D. M. Burger, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

S. C. L. M. Cremers, New York, USA

H. Chrystyn, Bradford, UK

A. K. Daly, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

A. M. Dondorp, Bangkok, Thailand

B. Gennery, London, UK

G. J. Groeneveld, Leiden, the Netherlands

A. S. Gross, Sydney, Australia

N. A. Helsby, Auckland, New Zealand

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C. Kirkpatrick, Melbourne, Australia

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U. Martin, Birmingham, UK

C. M. McEniery, Cambridge, UK

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T. O’Brien, Melbourne, Australia

M. Pirmohamed, Liverpool, UK

M. Schachter, London, UK

D. Waller, Southampton, UK

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