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Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2015 March; 97(2): 167.
Published online 2015 March.
PMCID: PMC4473413

Atlas of Trauma/Emergency Surgical Techniques

Reviewed by Timothy Stansfield and Simon Paterson-Brown

EXTENT P/H 368 pages, hardback  £154.00. ISBN: 978-1-416040-16-3. Saunders: Philadelphia. 2014. William G Cioffi, Juan A Asensio 

This North American textbook is part of the Surgical Techniques Atlas series and aims to extend the franchise into the trauma field. It is targeted at practising surgeons, surgical trainees and medical students to assist preparation for general surgery trauma and emergency operations. Written in a largely didactic style, the chapters carefully list each operation as a series of steps, identifying particular pitfalls and concluding with a bibliography of primary sources.

The text comprehensively covers appropriate anatomical exposures, damage control techniques and detailed conduit repair techniques. The authors have included cholecystectomy and common bile duct exploration (which seems out of place) and the management of gastroduodenal perforations (including vagotomy), the latter of which is somewhat outdated. Apart from this criticism, the text is accurate, succinct and engaging. The drawings are adequate to allow for a basic understanding of concepts but not adequate enough for practising surgeons. There is oversimplification of the anatomy without sufficient annotation. There are occasional disconnections between the text and drawings that can cause significant uncertainty to the reader. Alternative textbooks have greater coherence in this regard and are clearer in their demonstration of surgical exposures and techniques.

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