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Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2015 March; 97(2): 159.
Published online 2015 March. doi:  10.1308/rcsann.2015.97.2.159a
PMCID: PMC4473398

A Simple Technique of Managing a Urine Bag

None of the authors have any commercial interest in the product described in this technical tip.

Patients with a urethral catheter can either carry the urine bag or it can be strapped to the thigh or the leg. The FlexiHang bag hanger (Flexicare, Mountain Ash, UK) is normally used for hanging the urine bag by the bedside but it can also be used to hook the urine bag to the waist belt of the trousers. The bag is tucked inside the trousers (Fig 1), allowing easy access (Fig 2). This should also help prevent ‘traumatic hypospadias’ caused by persistent pressure of the catheter on the urethra ventrally.

Figure 1
Urine bag hooked to the trouser belt using FlexiHang bag hanger
Figure 2
Urine bag easily accessible for drainage

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