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Logo of nihpaAbout Author manuscriptsSubmit a manuscriptHHS Public Access; Author Manuscript; Accepted for publication in peer reviewed journal;
Prog Transplant. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2015 September 1.
Published in final edited form as:
Prog Transplant. 2014 September; 24(3): 273–283.
doi: 10.7182/pit2014936

Table 2

Qualitative Themes, Sub-Themes, Categories and Illustrative Quotes

Categories(%)Illustrative Quotes
Behavioral Beliefs
AdvantagesSaving Someone's Life51.6%“It comes up in ways saying like, saving a life, it’s a good thing to do.”
Making It Your Own Decision20.0%“My mama …she feel like it’s my life so I can do whatever I want to do.”
Not Needing Organs When Dead18.3%“When you are an organ donor, I’m dead anyway. I don’t need it.“
Personal Factors6.6%“…cause it’s dealing with your life…it’s personal.”
Taking Responsibility for Your Own Health3.3%“So if we walk out of this room today and say yes I want to be an organ donor would it not behoove us to say to ourselves we need to make sure that our nutrition is appropriate and we take care of our bodies and since I’ve made that commitment that I want to be a donor that it would be a healthy donation?”
DisadvantagesFear30.3%“The only disadvantage I think about is that if you become a donor when you’re alive, you know you’ll have to have surgery …you are going to have to go under the knife and have that organ removed.”
Legal Issues21.2%“… you know you can make one decision and later on down the road, …there should be a waiver in there if I decide to change my mind I may do so.”
Organ Usability16.6%“As a whole, African Americans have more health issues … That’s a disadvantage….high cholesterol, heart disease, and all that, so, we probably have very little organs to donate with our lifestyle and eating habits.”
Religious and Moral Beliefs10.6%“Some people have their religious beliefs and some people have moral issues about it. I think that plays a role in it.”
Social Justice7.6%“…Sometimes when some people got more money than another person, that kind of up that person to get that organ before the one that really need it…the next in line.”
Normative Beliefs
ApprovingFamily and Friends69.3%“If you had a discussion with family members and significant others …then they would go along with.”
Health Care Providers16.3%“…yes, with a doctor, like if the doctor was to bring it up and explain everything to me, I would probably feel fine about it.”
Community8.2%“… like I said, friends, your social surroundings …you can get positive feedback. I just know the people feel the same thing.”
Those in Need of Organs6.1“A person may approve if you were at the point of death.”
DisapprovingFamily and Friends51%“Tell your family that’s what your intentions… Sometimes people not on the same page and they still overlook and go against it…it still not fool proof.”
Church and Religious Groups20.4%“The leadership of this church….they may be members among the body that might not believe in organ donation….”
Community20.4%“Outside of family, like I said, friends, your social surroundings if it brought up. for the most part I just would say more negative…”
Behavioral Control
FacilitatorsInformation40%“…if people knew more information then maybe it wouldn’t be a thing that’s so negative.”
Family Member Needs16.4%“.if a family member was needing one.”
Formal Process in Place16.4%“…maybe when they register to vote? Maybe they need to put it on that.”
Knowing Organ Recipients8.9%“I think that’s something that’s important that you could see that person and know their story that they are ordinary people…”
Altruism6.3%“If it will help somebody else after I’m gone, then that’s fine…I can’t do anything with it. So, I am an organ donor.”
Religious Beliefs6.3%“I guess it depends on the church. A more modern church, one that’s non-denominational a little bit more …what’s going on in the world would be a lot more accepting.”
Trust3.8%“I feel that the majority of the doctors take an oath to do their best and to work on you …I feel like they would try to save me you know if they feel like I could be saved.”
BarriersLack of Information41.2%“…it’s the lack of information or whatever.”
Mistrust16.5%“I think that goes to the Black community, they think that if it was an accident or whatever happened I think they not gonna work hard on me; I think that’s why a lot of them not an organ donor.”
Fear12.4%“I just think that the whole organ donor is a scary thing.”
Religious Beliefs8.2%“…The Bible always tell you, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…you going back to the ground…This is gone…”
Personal Factors7.2%“…A lot of thinking…well, what I got, I going to take it with me…I isn’t giving nobody nothing…cause it’s dealing with your life…it’s personal…”
Social Justice6.2%“…you really won’t know if they are using it for the right reason, giving it to someone really in need.”