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J Clin Invest. 1987 February; 79(2): 620–624.
PMCID: PMC424144

Macrophages are required for influenza virus infection of human lymphocytes.


Monocyte and lymphocyte surface-expressed viral antigens have been demonstrated after exposure of unseparated human mononuclear leukocytes to influenza virus in vitro. The current studies, using [35S]methionine pulse-labeled purified preparations of virus-exposed macrophages, depleted of lymphocytes, demonstrate that the presence of these viral proteins does represent new synthesis. However, purified lymphocytes, depleted of monocytes-macrophages and exposed to influenza virus, showed no detectable viral protein synthesis. In further experiments, unseparated mononuclear leukocytes were exposed to virus and subsequently separated by countercurrent centrifugal elutriation. Both macrophages and lymphocytes were then shown to synthesize influenza proteins. Cell-free control or influenza virus-infected macrophage-derived supernatant fluids did not facilitate influenza virus infection of the lymphocytes. The data suggest that macrophages are required for influenza virus infection of human lymphocytes, and raise the possibility that macrophage facilitation of an abortive infection of lymphocytes plays a role in the generation of effective immunity to viral antigens.

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