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Infect Immun. 1979 June; 24(3): 808–816.
PMCID: PMC414379

Identification of protective cell surface proteins in ribosomal fractions from Salmonella typhimurium.


Cell surface antigen preparations from Salmonella typhimurium SR-11 prepared by either trichloroacetic acid extraction or boiling in sodium dodecyl sulfate were able to protect C3H/HeJ, C3H/HeDub, and A/J mice. Some of the proteins found in these preparations were shown to exist in the protective ribosomal fraction isolated from S. typhimurium SR-11. Passage of ribosomes isolated from S. typhimurium SR-11 and 6707 through a Sepharose 2B column removed the protective immunogen from 6707 ribosomes but did not completely remove it from SR-11 ribosomes. Immunity to salmonella infection in C3H/HeJ mice induced by ribosomal vaccines may be dependent on the presence of cell surface proteins in the ribosomal fraction.

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