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Published online 2013 June 18. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0067306

Table 3

NICD1 staining in peripheral T cell lymphomas.
Tumor Type (N=55 Total Cases)NICD1 Staining Results
Angioimmunoblastic lymphoma (N=14)86% positive (N=12; all subset positive)
Peripheral T cell lymphoma, NOS (N=12)42% positive (N=5; all subset positive)
Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (N=12)17% positive (N=2; all subset positive)
Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL, N=7)14% positive (N=1; subset positive, ALK+ tumor)
86% negative (N=6, 1 ALK+ tumor, 5 ALK-tumors)
Adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma (N=5)20% positive (N=1; diffusely positive)
EBV+ T/NK extranodal lymphoma (N=4)0% positive
Subcutaneous paniculitis-like T cell lymphoma (N=1)0% positive

NOS, not otherwise specified; ALK, anaplastic lymphoma kinase; EBV, Epstein–Barr virus; NK, natural killer cell

Diffusely positive, ≥80% of cells positive; subset positive, ≤80% of cells positive