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Lung India. 2013 Jan-Mar; 30(1): 81–82.
PMCID: PMC3644847

Pulmonary sequelae of swine flu


The recent report on pulmonary sequelae in a case with swine flu is interesting. Singh et al.[1] Indeed, the reported “ground-glass opacities and areas of consolidation” is the common sign in the cases with swine flu pneumonia and might last for a long time.[2] The interesting question is what the reason for long lasting presentation in the reported case is. Indeed, the similar natural history of swine flu pneumonia is also reported by Toufen et al.[3] In that report, the resolution of CT finding and lung function could be observed in the swine flu patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome at 6-month period.[3] A possible reason can be the concomitant underlying disease in the cases with influenza pneumonia.[4] Adding to the prolonged lung manifestation, the other important concern is the possible role of swine flu infection in deteriorating the existed concomitant cardiovascular disease.[5] These topics should be further studied in chest medicine research.


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